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10 ER Fics

An ER Fanfiction Challenge Community

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Welcome to 10_er_fics; the ER centric fanfiction community inspired by other challenge communities such as 10_snuggles. Come on in, make your claim and get writing! Not a writer? Why not come in and read through some of the other works posted instead! Make sure to leave a few inspiring comments for those brave souls who have taken on the challenge!

Community How To’s

Step 1. Join the community.


Step 3. Once you have been accepted, please post a copy of the table you have chosen (codes given below) in your journal and link it back to us here.

Step 4. Start writing and filling out your table! If for some reason you can’t finish the challenge, please click here to drop your claim.

Step 5. Once you’re finished writing, let me know here!


Well, there's really only one rule, and that is please be respectful. This is a community where aspiring authors can work on their creativity, get noticed by others and just have fun posting their fics and receiving comments. Please do not flame anyone and do not troll. Constructive criticism is a wonderful tool, but don't be mean about it. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, or whatever. Yes.

Have fun, too!


Is there a deadline?

Nope, that’s the beauty of it! Take as much or as little time as you need to write your stories and complete your table!

How many people are allowed to claim the same table?

An unlimited number of people can post the same claim as I have faith that all of the fanfics written will differ from each other, even if the prompts are the same.

Which ratings are allowed?

Stories posted can have any rating between G and NC17.

How long should each story be and what kinds of stories are allowed?

The minimum word count is 100 words for a drabble and there is no maximum. They can be poems, songfics, drabbles, ficlets, character studies, vignettes, essays, even series! Anything goes!

Can I write a series?

Of course, just make sure that each chapter of the series uses a different prompt.

If I claim a certain table and decide I'd like to change my claim, can I do that?

Yes, you can, but only once. Please be advised that changing claims is an administrative headache and will only be done once per person, or for special circumstances. If you decide that you can't write for a certain table no matter how much you try, just drop your claim. Sorry folks!

So I've made a mistake in my claims/tables/tags comment. Do I have to repost my comment and fix everything?

NO! Please do not post more than once (even if you mistake a tag) under comments. We can still read your comment, even if you made a mistake in a bold or italic tag. Unless the comment is completely erased by a tag error, please do not repost comments as it is an administrative nightmare and we don't like having our inboxes flooded with eight separate comments from one person for the same thing.

Do I have to do all of the challenge tables?

Of course not! You can choose any table, whichever one suits you better. However, if you ARE really adventurous, go ahead and attempt a few or all of them!

What if I don't like a prompt or can't get inspired by it?

If you don't like one or a few of the prompts on the table you've chosen and absolutely cannot write on that topic, feel free to interchange that prompt with any prompt listed in the bonus table below your challenge table area. However, please only switch a few prompts and do not repeat any. It wouldn't be a challenge if you could run free too much!

Do I have to write the bonus prompts too?

Of course not! They’re there to interchange. If you’d like to write those on top of your ten prompts, however, feel free! The more the merrier!

How do I go about posting the stories?

You can post stories in the community with everything save for the general information (see below) behind a cut tag. Post stories as you write them. If you write more than one at a time, please post all stories in the same post behind a cut tag, each labeled with individual general information forms.

Where can I view other peoples' tables?

To see a listing off all the tables in the community click here.

Are fake cuts allowed?

Sure thing, go nuts!

How many tables can I claim at once?

You can claim as many as you feel you can write, but you must work on them all at once, not finish one then work on the other.

Can we post stories written for this community elsewhere?

Of course! Pimp your fic as you see fit!

Do the stories need to be written in order?

Of course not! Write whatever inspires you! If that means starting from number eight, go for it!

Can I use stories I’ve written in the past for this challenge?

Sure, if they fit. However, it’s more challenging to write whole new fics, so try that first!

How closely do the stories need to relate to the prompt words?

They do not need to be centered on the prompt words themselves and the words do not need to be in the stories, but the stories must have the general feel of the prompt. Do with the prompts as you see fit.

Are crossovers allowed?

No! This is specifically an ER fanfiction community! However, if you somehow cleverly manage to sneak a character from another fandom into one of your stories, then I’ll let you get away with it.

Can I use a story for more than one prompt?

No, you need to write ten separate stories.

What if I want to write two different stories for one prompt?

Sure, go for it, as long as the prompt doesn’t repeat itself on your table. That means you still need to write for ten different prompts, even if you write eleven stories because one prompt repeats.

How can I drop a claim if I’m unable to finish?

Just post that you are dropping your claim in the claims post. Include your username, fandom and other claim information.

Can I claim jointly with someone else?

Not here! It’s only ten stories, I’m sure you can do it alone!

How do I affiliate with this community?

Easy! Just click here and post which community you’d like us to affiliate with!

What if the question I have isn’t posted here?

Please click here to ask your question and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Story Information

The following information MUST be included before your story as a minimum.

Subject: Title (Table/Prompt)
Example: My Immortal (General/Memories)

Title: (your story title)
Character/Pairing: (the character/pairing your story most focuses on)
Prompt: (which of the tables/prompts you’re writing on)
Word Count: (how long your story is)
Rating: (G through NC17)
Warnings/Spoilers: (anything you think we should know about before reading)
Summary: (what your story is about)
Disclaimer: (the fact that you do not own ER or anything like that)

The LJ cut to your fic

No matter how short it is, ALWAYS use an LJ cut to post your story!

Here’s a code for the aforementioned story information listing:

Here come the tables! Have a look through the prompts on each one and the bonuses then choose away! Please read through the posting rules included below each table before selecting one as well! Good luck!

Character Table

1. John Carter. 2. Abby Lockhart.
3. Luka Kovac. 4. Elizabeth Corday.
5. Robert Romano. 6. Mark Greene.
7. Kerry Weaver. 8. Dave Malucci.
9. Carol Hathaway. 10. Michael Gallant.


1. Ray Barnett.
2. Neela Rasgotra.
3. Sam Taggart.
4. Doug Ross.
5. Greg Pratt.

For the character table the prompts, as you can see, are all character names. It’s up to you what you do with the prompts. You can either write from that character’s perspective, write about that character, write someone thinking about that character, write a pairing involving that character or anything else like that. Feel free to write any prompts you feel like writing. You can switch out prompts from the first table with the bonuses, write the ten originals, or write all fifteen stories. It’s up to you! Good luck!

Location Table

1. The Lounge. 2. Trauma One.
3. The Rooftop. 4. Exam Room Three.
5. Suture Room. 6. Ambulance Bay.
7. Admit Desk. 8. Triage.
9. Elevator. 10. Curtain Area.


1. Hallway.
2. O.R.
3. Cafeteria.
4. Doc Magoo’s.
5. Chairs.

For the location table the prompts, as you can see, are all locations. Feel free to write what comes to you. Whether it’s a character doing something in that area, two characters doing something, a character thinking about an incident in that area, it’s up to you! Write what you want! Good luck!

Person Table

1. Attending. 2. Resident.
3. Nurse. 4. Med Student.
5. Next of Kin. 6. Boyfriend/Girlfriend.
7. Sibling. 8. Parent.
9. Patient. 10. Paramedic.


1. Friend.
2. Neighbour.
3. Coach.
4. Policeman.
5. Firefighter.

For the person table prompts, as you can see, all of them are different positions and people. It's up to you what to write. Whether it's something centered on one of those people, a staff member working with that person, observing that person, anything goes! Go with it where you will. Good luck!

Equipment Table

1. Stethoscope. 2. Thermometer.
3. Pulse Oximeter. 4. Lab Kit.
5. Blood Pressure Cuff. 6. EKG.
7. I.V. 8. Penlight.
9. Suture Kit. 10. Tensor Bandage.


1. X-Ray.
2. Ultrasound.
3. C.T. Scan.
4. Oxygen Mask.
5. Gauze.

As you can see, all of the prompts on the equipment table are, well, pieces of equipment. It’s up to you what you write based on the prompts! They don’t directly have to relate to those specific pieces of equipment, but must have some kind of a common thread. It’s up to you whether you write someone using the equipment, learning to use it, deliberating over it or anything else! Good luck!

Action Table

1. Rush. 2. Argue.
3. Talk. 4. Drink.
5. Read. 6. Search.
7. Examine. 8. Illustrate.
9. Wait. 10. Listen.


1. Approach.
2. Call.
3. Sleep.
4. Cry.
5. Scream.

For the action table prompts, as you can see, all of them are different actions. It's up to you what to write. Whether it's something centered on one of those actions, someone watching someone else carry out the action, anything goes! Go with it where you will. Good luck!

General Table

1. Rain. 2. Heartbreak.
3. Children. 4. Prayer.
5. Memories. 6. Whisper.
7. Beginnings. 8. Obstacles.
9. Tangled. 10. Questions.


1. Twilight.
2. Inevitable.
3. Nightmare.
4. Tomorrow.
5. Hollow.

It’s a free for all with these ones! Write what you feel when you look at these prompts, whatever comes to mind. Have fun with it! These ones are all pretty open ended to make it a little easier. Good luck!

Crackfic Table

1. Marbles. 2. Stilettos.
3. Frisbee. 4. CLEAR!
5. Batman. 6. Incoming!.
7. Pirate. 8. Dandelions.
9. Fur Ball. 10. Water Gun.


1. Animal Crackers.
2. Dinosaur.
3. Michael Jackson.
4. Magic.
5. Kazoo.

It’s a crackfic table. Seriously do with it as you will. Go nuts! Write exactly what the prompts say, write something completely different, it’s up to you! Just have fun with it! Good luck and Godspeed!


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